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Don't Drive Naked!

You drive to and from work every day, why not use your ride as a rolling advertisement? From spot graphics to complete wraps, from understated to outrageous, M2 Graphix can help your company be seen…..even when you’re not driving! Whether your business has one van, ten vans, or an entire army of vans, custom fleet graphics will help your company stand out from the rest. Put your vehicle to work for you!

We have had fleet vehicles drive off our lot, freshly wrapped, straight into new business for their company. 

Informed buyers are smart buyers. A company that has their information printed on the side of their vehicle is more likely to gain your trust solely based on the fact that you can learn about their business at a glance. 

The Facts

A vehicle driving daily through the streets of

an average Canadian city can generate up to


Visual Impressions Annually! 

Of People Surveyed Recall Seeing Advertising on Vehicles
Of People Surveyed Believe That Wraps Create A Positive Image Of Your Company
Of People Surveyed Think That Fleet Graphics Have More Impact Than Billboards

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